Love Is In Her Soul (Cap. I)

"Miss Mckensie, wake up" a voice just woke Hannah up from her little sweet dream. She was dreaming with Zacc, the player of the school. Even she hated him being a player, he was so hot.

"Uhmm, sorry Teacher Jill" said Hannah, rubbing her eyes lazily. But the teacher gave her a 'go to the office's director' look. Hannah grabbed her bag eagerly and walked out the classroom.


So this teacher just told me to go with the principal. Hell, no. I won't go in there again. The old woman scares the shit out of me. Only because I was a little sleepy, well... I was sleeping during her class. Well I didn't wanted to be in hers!

I entered to a classroom where nobody was in there, and sat on one chair. I was looking around the place, when someone grabbed me by the waist. It was just Tom, the guy who always annoys me. He whispered me near my ear while he smirked: "Hey babe, I just wanted let you know that you have a great ass", I pulled away, looking at him in disgust.

"At least I have a real one", he chuckled, "Let's find out" he said as he grabbed part of my ass. I quickly removed his hand, but he refused to stop touching me. I then slapped his cheek with madness, and so he got mad. He started to grabbing me with his strong arms and tried to kiss me forcibly.

"Stop it, Tom!" I yelled, "I'll stop until you give me what I want".

There were no one who could help me, until I heard a deep voice ordering to Tom: "Leave her alone", "Or what", "Or this" the guy punched Tom right in the face and left him on the floor. I gasped and he looked at me: "Are you okay?", "Yeah" I said with a small smile, "Good" he said as he walked out.

-My God! This dude just beat Tom! I can say that he looks mysterious... and I kinda like it. I should follow him and thank him.

I walked through the hallways, trying to find this guy. When I finally saw him, putting some things on one locker, I walked towards him freezing. He looked at me, with his green blue eyes that were telling me 'What you want'.

"Hi" I said shy, "Hey" he answered, continuing his duty. "Uhmm, well, I just wanted to thank you", "It's not a big deal". He said actually not giving a fuck on what he did.

"Not a big deal? Well for me was a huge one!" the dude smiled, showing his white teeth. "Ah well, any time", we both stared at each other and I finally said: "Hannah, Hannah Mckensie", and pulled my hand to shake his. He looked at my hand and shaked with a grin: "Peter Houston". We stopped shaking and I felt so awkward and I really didn't knew why. I looked at him and he was looking down.

Why I was that shy with him? I mean, I was one of the most popular girls in school and it was so easy to talk to everyone, but with Peter here, I was so shy. There was something with this boy that caused me intrigue. And it was not his numerous tatoos on his body, or his 'YOLO' white and blue colored hoodie. It was something I need to find out.

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